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Automate Logistics Processes with K.Hartwall’s A-MATE™ AGVs

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Increasingly, companies want to train and deploy personnel for tasks that require special skills and automate everything else to the greatest possible degree. Autonomous mobile robots are an ideal place to start or expand automation in the supply chain. They can handle repetitive manual tasks and increase productivity and efficiency of manual labor by giving them time for more skilled activities.

A good example to consider would be containers being emptied, either manually or by tipping onto a conveyor belt, once the line-haul truck arrives at the sorting center. The most time-consuming task is transporting empty containers back to the sorting area to be filled again, either directly or via a buffer storage. This task does not add value to the customer and requires a substantial amount of forklift utilization.

AGVs would be ideal in this scenario – they could pick up the empty cages and deliver them to predefined handover stations for further processing. Automating this process allows for savings on labor costs and time, as well as avoidance of transport damage and better transparency of material flows.

Another common example would be needing AGVs to pick up pallets from pre-defined positions, transport them safely among forklifts and personnel, and drop off the load at the final destination. If this task was taking place in a parcel center, for example, as the volumes continue to increase, so does the importance of effective movement of load carriers. It is good to keep in mind that the effectiveness is not only about maximum driving speed, but the combination of speed while also minimizing disturbances for optimized routes and use of AGV fleets. Being able to operate in tight spaces can, in many cases, be the game-changer because in most parcel operations, space is at premium.

Having recognized the need for automation logistics processes like the ones mentioned above, K.Hartwall developed most advanced intralogistics solutions – the A-MATETM FreeLift and the A-MATETM Counter. These Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) offer customers a new way to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their logistics processes. In addition, they automate the product flow in demanding environments, such as factories, warehouses and sorting centers, allowing for a decrease in dependency on skilled labor, process errors, and risk of accidents.


The A-MATETM FreeLift is an intelligent mobile robot designed to transport logistic units such as pallets and containers in environments like warehouses and sorting centers. As an Automated Guided Vehicle, it is completely autonomous and does not need an on-board operator or driver.

The key advantages of the FreeLift includes a very slim design and an omnidirectional drive system, making it highly maneuverable and efficient, even in tight spaces. The powerful electric free lift (no scissors under the forks) allows floor-to-floor load handling, as well as handling from racks and conveyors – with a maximum load of 2,200 pounds and up to three feet in height. With a scanner coverage of 360°, it also ensures maximum health & safety of the environment it occupies.

Key Benefits of the A-MATETM FreeLift includes:

  • increased productivity by having 24/7 usage
  • reduced handling costs
  • increased health & safety
  • more flexibility
  • better process quality
  • operational transparency
  • compensation of skilled labor shortage

A-MATETM Counter

The A-MATETM Counter is the newest addition to the growing A-MATETM product line at K. Hartwall. This counterbalanced AMR has cantilevered forks and counterweight to handle closed pallets and lattice boxes. The exceptionally slim design makes it the world’s most compact counterbalanced AMR on the market in its payload class.

The turning radius of 110 inches, combined with the bidirectional drive, allows agile movement and turning, even in tight spaces. With a powerful electric free lift, it can pick up and drop off a maximum load of 2200 pounds both from the floor and from shelves and conveyors up to a height of three feet.

As an intelligent mobile robot, it takes over standardized, repetitive tasks from employees and ensures an autonomous and reliable execution – 24 hours a day on 7 days a week. In return, there is a clear reduction in handling costs and improvement in the efficiency of internal logistics.

Key Benefits of the A-MATETM Counter includes:

  • Compact and robust design for tight spaces and demanding environments
  • Bidirectional drive
  • 360° safety
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Equipped with the latest intelligent software and natural navigation technology
  • Transports closed pallets and load carriers
  • Customized load handling devices

This new counterbalanced AMR helps plant managers in the transition to a partial or fully automated operation, ultimately paving the way for industry 4.0.

If you are ready to automate your logistics processes or continue adding to your current operations, come see K.Hartwall at the upcoming Automate Show from May 6-9th in Chicago, IL. When stopping by Booth 1436, you will see LIVE demonstrations of both the A-MATETM FreeLift and the A-MATETM Counter. If you are not able to make it, you can find more information by visiting www.k-hartwall.com.

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