June 16, 2024 in Artificial Intelligence

Musashi AI Returns to Automate 2024 in Chicago

Musashi AI Returns to Automate 2024 in Chicago

Musashi AI is excited to return to Automate 2024 this May in Chicago. Last year’s Automate show was such a huge success for us that we made plans to be back with an even larger and more interactive booth and with new products to showcase.

This year, Musashi AI will be in Booth #3079. You can find us by overhead signage directly above our booth. Stop by to meet the team and see:

  • Presentation of Musashi AI’s complete Cendiant™ ecosystem of software products for quality assurance applications.
  • Hear Saeed Bakhshmand speak about how our Cendiant™ Technologies leverage AI algorithms and our Quality Insights Dashboard to transform quality inspection and manufacturing process control. Learn about swift deployments, 360-degree inspections, cloud analytics, and real-time updates for enhanced manufacturing productivity on May 6th from 3:45pm-4:15pm. 
  • Introducing Musashi AI’s Standardized Inspection Cell performing a live, interactive inspection of complex parts, leveraging a collaborative robot and an integrated inspection stage with advanced optical imaging.

Software products from the Cendiant™ ecosystem to be exhibited at Automate have been specifically designed to deliver value to manufacturing organizations looking to optimize or automate quality assurance processes while reducing operational costs and the total cost of quality.

Cendiant™ Inspect is turnkey deep learning software designed to fully automate the inspection of complex parts. Still relying on manual inspection or a sub-performing vision system for final part inspection? Let the experts at Musashi AI deliver you a complete working solution for your most challenging vision applications.

  • Defect detection with the capability of creating region-specific tolerances
  • Proper assembly verification checks
  • Part feature presence checks
  • Process completeness checks
  • Gauging or measurement checks
  • 2D Matrix or other code reading

Cendiant™ Quality Insights is an enhanced software platform that organizes and stores valuable data captured by the inspection software to give production and quality teams improved visibility to trends and improve response times to critical quality issues.

Digitize existing workflows and leverage actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.

  • Automate data capture and report generation
  • Utilize advanced analytics and data visualizations
  • Access all images from parts that have been inspected
  • Create custom quality alerts and notifications
  • Gain part traceability through an auditable record log of inspected parts
  • Improve performance monitoring
  • Increase responsiveness to quality issues.

Cendiant™ Mobile Scan is available for Apple iPhones and iPads. Use existing mobile device to scan the 2D matrix code or another unique serial identifier on a part to immediately access the part’s inspection record. This offers an easy-to-use, low-cost solution to manage containment of parts or assist with quality sorts.

Musashi AI’s Standardized Inspection Cell. Musashi AI is excited to exclusively debut the future of automotive part inspection with the unveiling of their Standardized Inspection Cells at Automate 2024. Designed to handle a versatile array of components, from camshafts to gears, these units will be flexible and customizable. Specifications such as part dimensions, weight, material type, and optical precision can be tailored to meet diverse customer requirements, with core components pre-stocked to significantly reduce lead times. 

  • Integrate complex visual inspection quicker, cheaper, and easier 
  • Ability to customize machines to inspect parts beyond the automotive industry, such as healthcare, electronics, and more 
  • Leverage Musashi AI’s Cendiant™ software ecosystem in conjunction with their industry-leading hardware configuration and design 

Prospective customers are invited to submit sample parts and inspection criteria to confirm feasibility and ensure optimal configuration. This early showcase at Automate 2024 is just a glimpse of what will be available, setting a new standard in efficiency and adaptability for manufacturing quality control.

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