June 16, 2024 in Motion Control & Motors

Webinar – Iron core motor solutions for semiconductor applications

Join our upcoming webinar, where we will explain the use of linear motors in semiconductor production processes such as pick and place, X-Y tables, and hybrid bonding. 

These processes continuously require higher force and higher accuracy to shorten production time for maximizing your output. Iron core linear motors are an excellent match, offering low maintenance, high force density and fast/rapid point-to-point movement.

Key topics:

  1. Semiconductor front- and back-end processes
  2. The advantages of iron core motors
  3. Exploring technical aspects: attraction force, cogging and mounting options.
  4. The benefits of using iron core motors in semiconductor applications

This webinar is designed for professionals seeking to optimize their semiconductor production processes and stay ahead in the industry. Whether you are an engineer, manager, or decision-maker, you will gain valuable insights into leveraging linear motors to achieve superior performance and efficiency.

Webinar iron core motor solutions for semiconductor applications | Tecnotion

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