June 25, 2024 in Vision & Imaging

Cincoze DS-1402 Wins Control Engineering and Vision System Design Awards

Rugged embedded computer brand – Cincoze recently received two international awards honoring its DS-1402 high-performance and PCIe expansion rugged embedded computer. Part of the Rugged Computing – DIAMOND product line, the DS-1402 meets the performance and expandability demands of edge computing, with the reliability and stability required for smart factories, machine vision, and other industries. The DS-1402 was recognized by two professional media outlets, receiving the Innovators Awards from Vision System Design (a well-known American machine vision media outlet) and the Product of the Year Awards from Control Engineering (a major industrial automation magazine), affirming its design innovation and technical prowess.


DS-1402: Excellent Computing Performance for Machine Vision & PCIe Expansion for Various Applications

Excellent Computing Performance for Machine Vision

For machine vision and industrial applications, performance is key, and the DS-1402 is the ideal choice. It can be equipped with a 13/12th gen Intel (Raptor Lake-S / Alder Lake-S) 65W processor, with up to 24 cores (8P + 16E) and 32 threads that deliver 1.35 times the processing performance of its predecessor, the Comet Lake-S. The DS-1402 supports 64GB 4800MHz DDR5 ECC memory to meet the needs of applications requiring high reliability and data integrity. Storage options include 2.5" SATA, mSATA, and M.2 Key M, offering flexible configuration to match application requirements.


PCIe Expansion for Various Applications

The DS-1402 has two PCI/PCIe expansion slots that support various I/O, GPU, image capture, data acquisition, and motion control cards to tailor-match the system to application requirements. For applications that require maximum computing performance, a 110W GPU card with a size of 111 x 235mm can be installed. Poor contact is a big headache when cards come loose in high-vibration environments, so the DS-1402 has a patented adjustable PCIe holder (patent number: I773359) that secures the expansion cards and eliminates the loosening that can cause operation shutdown. GPU cards can generate a lot of heat, so Inhaling and Exhaling fans are available to wick that excess heat away, these fans can be added as needed according to the cooling needs of the GPU card to improve the cooling performance.

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DS-1402: Rich Expandability for Wireless and More & Professional-Grade Protection and Industry Certifications

Rich Expandability for Wireless and More

In addition to the native high-speed I/O interfaces (2x 1GbE LAN, 8x USB), the DS-1402 can also easily add additional I/O and functions (PoE or IGN) through Cincoze’s exclusive CMI/CFM module, effectively shortening the Configuration deployment cost and time. Three Mini-PCIe slots support the full spectrum of wireless transmission, such as WiFi, GNSS, 4G, and Bluetooth, and also support other add-on cards to meet diverse application needs.


Professional-Grade Protection and Industry Certifications

The DS-1402 is built tough, with industrial-grade protection design and industry certifications in different fields to back it up. The DS-1402 can withstand a wide temperature (-40 – 70°C) and wide voltage (9 – 48 VDC) range; boasts overvoltage, overcurrent, and ESD protection; and complies with the US military shock standard MIL-STD-810G. Internationally recognized UL 62368-1 safety certification further ensures its safety and reliability. For maximum security in railway computing solutions, it has also passed the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN 50121-3-2 standard in EN 50155.

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