June 25, 2024 in Motion Control & Motors

Motor Power Company’s Gearless Motorized Driven Rollers Revolutionize Global Industries

Motor Power Company celebrates a milestone with 1.5 million installations of its innovative gearless Motorized Driven Rollers (MDR), enhancing efficiency and sustainability across diverse sectors worldwide. Bundled with dedicated drives, these MDRs ensure outstanding performance.

  • Sorting Facilities and Airports: essential for swift and precise movement of parcels and luggage, MDRs streamline operations in distribution centers and airports, ensuring secure and timely delivery.

  • Automated Warehouses and Fashion Industry: from automated warehouses optimizing space and processes to fashion distribution centers managing large clothing volumes, Motor Power Company's MDRs play a pivotal role in inventory management and rapid product distribution.

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  • Online Shopping and Food Logistics: powering rapid online order fulfillment and safe transportation of food products even in refrigerated environments down to -30°C, our MDRs uphold efficient logistics operations.

These examples underscore the critical role of MDR gearless technology in enhancing everyday aspects of life globally. Have you ever considered its impact?

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